Create an Outdoor Oasis at Home

I always joke that summer is the most wonderful time of the year, as the famous Christmas jingle tries to own. But if you think about lifestyle, it really is. We tend to enjoy our living spaces a little more. Sit with friends & family. Soak up the sun. Cook outside. Float and sip. Being in the home improvement industry for two decades, Outdoor Living is a way of life. A rite of passage. By focusing on four areas, you can create your very own tropical oasis right at home.

First, it’s time to update patio furniture. Let’s get quality that you don’t have to change for at least a decade. And find the furniture the features of resort quality, without the price tag. It seems to be a trend these days, or perhaps it’s one I am creating. As you start your quest, have this in mind, and then focus on style, durability and comfort when updating patio furniture. Style is a personal preference; decide the look you are going for. Take me to the islands, I can feel the breeze in my hair when I sit in the Bahamas line from Blue Oak Outdoor. Next look at durability and the two things here are frame & fabric. Look no further than aluminum for the frame, as it is the only naturally rustproof material out there; and solution dyed fabrics like Sunbrella because the fiber is the color, which means it is soft and will withstand the elements. And last don’t overlook comfort, you want some give, but you need support. I have two Saylor chairs in my yard and the multi-layer, dual density foam cushions take me inside to my pillow top mattress, something I know is going to last many sittings of enjoyment.

Second, the grill can truly create those livable moments outside. I love features and conveniences that make cooking easy. I am a culinary artist in the kitchen but cooking outside intimidates me. Until I started looking for features that I love inside, outside. Monument Grills has an oven grade clear view lid with a built in thermometer so I can start cooking and not have to keep opening and closing the lid. I also love a push to start ignition and LED knobs create a party atmosphere into the evening. This is where that mid-range product line trend comes in again, you can get all the bells and whistles high end grills have, and not pay the price tag. Bring the inside out with you.

Third, make sure the pool is party ready, always. I don’t want my pool to smell like chlorine when I get in it. I like to be in control, of many things, but especially in bodies of water I immerse in. And now I can be, with an App. I love technology. Clorox Pool App is the one thing your pool guy doesn’t want you knowing about. You literally download the app, buy some of the My Pool Care Assistant test strips, dip it in the water, scan it to your phone, suggestions are made specifically for your pool’s needs. You click buy, it shows up, you add it in your pool and viola you are now empowered to DIY for your pool. Don’t tell my husband but he has officially been promoted to “pool guy” at our house this summer.

Last, tend to your green spaces. Start with planting the right things for your area. That is what will create a lush frame for your space. I use all the help I can get keeping it alive, and smart watering devices have turned my brown thumb green. I have the Orbit B-Hyve, and I love that once you set the type of zone, it will automatically deliver the right amount of water, and it will override the system if it is going to rain. I always forget to water so my plants thank me for this. And of course no space can be maintained without the ultimate power in the outdoor power equipment, with EGO Power+ I feel the power, I don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining the yard but when I do I want the equipment to work for me. The self-propelled mower literally pulls me along and I don’t need to mess with gas, cords, fumes, noise. Sustainability is near and dear, and I love the clean air movement the battery powered outdoor power equipment is leading the charge on. They also introduced a new power station, it’s an alternative for a gas generator so I can keep tunes cranking, margarita machines going and more without noise, fumes from gas EGO Nexus Power Station.

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Enjoy your space!