Go Green, Save Green This Earth Day

Great news: saving the planet can make your world a better place. “Only one person can make a difference, and everyone should try,” JFK. Kathryn lives this mantra and bring to you on Earth Day nine things you can do at home to make an impact for our planet. 

  1. Smart Home Leak Detection: The newest innovation in smart home to hit the scene,mit can detect leaks down to one drop per minute and send an alert to your phone. If an issue is detected, such as a burst pipe, it will automatically shut off your main water line, preventing thousands of dollars in possible water damage. FLO by MOEN; Guardian
  2. Reuse: It is estimated that over half a trillion plastic bottles will be sold in 2020. Many airports have filtered water stations, SAN has 10. Buy a reusable water bottle and save hundreds annually. If you forget to bring a bottle from home, buy one at the airport and refill it throughout your trip.
  3. Water Smarter: Smart home irrigation systems synch with local weather forecasts and will override watering scheduled on a rainy day. Bonus you can shut your system down remotely for a few days post rain from anywhere, prevent plants from being over watered. Orbit Smart Watering
  4. Go electric: Some lithium ion powered outdoor powered equipment offer the power and performance of gas, without the need for it, hence no emissions. EGO Power+
  5. Recycle Correctly: It’s critical to rinse, not thoroughly wash, but rinse containers before tossing. Check your cities website but in San Diego you can recycle wrapping paper, cartons, aluminum, foil, paper or frozen food boxes and more. New to San Diego: clean styrofoam food and drink now welcome in the blue bins.
  6. Update to LED lighting: LED bulbs pull less than 10 percent energy (watts) for the same brightness traditional incandescent 100/75/60-watt bulbs provided (lumens) and can last up to 10+ years. Look for bulbs/fixtures with all three color temperatures (kelvins) built into the bulb; so you can go from relaxing warm yellow (warm) to reading (bright) to that brighter blue energetic light (daylight) all from one light bulb. LIFX, Feit Electric
  7. Update to WaterSense: WaterSense-labeled products and services use at least 20 percent less water, save energy and perform as well as or better than non-WaterSense rated products. Delta Faucets, Moen
  8. Reduce: Invest in durable products that last longer. And remove yourself from junk mail lists via a google search, your mailbox and the environment thanks you. Here is a link for San Diego
  9. Buy Energy Star rated appliances: Energy Star helped saved families and business $30 billion in energy costs in 2017. Enough said.

Kathryn Emery established her career in home improvement inside the largest home improvement retailer in the world, The Home Depot, where she guided product story telling in the public relations department for close to two decades. In 2018, she launched Be The Best Home, a Lifestyle & Home Improvement Consulting Firm aimed at teaching people how to improve their own home.

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