Gardening Without Much Effort: Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is not zero-scaping if designed correctly. You can design a garden full of life and color that reflects your homes personality by selecting the right plants and accentuating them with natural elements to create your look. Western states use an abundance of water for lawn and garden purposes, and with the rise of droughts and water restrictions has many neighborhoods turning brown. This has caused a greater interest in sustainable gardening. Xeriscape gardening saves water, requiring little irrigation and care, and is a great option for homeowners and businesses.

The three major benefits of Xeriscaping are:

  • Helps your home or business reduce water use
  • Is less maintenance to maintain (watering, grooming)
  • Provides an opportunity for chemical free gardening techniques that are safe for the environment

Xeriscaping is a great option for you, as it saves money on utility bills, as well as time & energy. And it’s a great move for the environment, preserving water, less emissions with power tools maintaining the yard (unless you convert to a lithium ion powered platform which is a great option), and less chemicals needed to maintain a flourishing garden.

Here is how you get started:

Select the right plants & group them accordingly: Look for plants native to the area. Succulents are a great choice as they can sustain the heat and retain water. Succulents are drought tolerant plants that retain water, a great choice for the Las Vegas environment. By choosing those suited for the climate you live in, will provide the beauty you are looking for, without a lot of work.

When you plant items, make sure you group plants according to their water needs and use shade that is naturally occurring in your yard for plants that need it.

Consider drip irrigation: Many inefficient watering methods and systems wastewater. How many times have you seen a sprinkler on watering the pavement?  I love drip irrigation systems, they are very targeted ways to water, that gets the water exactly where it needs to go with slow release method for full efficiency. 

Find the right soil and mulch: Look for a soil that drains well, without completely drying out. I also love mulch for this same reason, when spread throughout planting areas to it can retain moisture near the roots of flowers and trees. Mulch is the highest maintenance thing in the garden, as you need to keep it several inches thick, which means reapplying periodically, but worth the work. I love the redwood look mulch; in my garden it accentuates the colors in my succulents.

Hardscaping Adds Texture & Character: Landscape rocks come in all colors, patterns and styles (round, textured, flat) and when added to the garden provide texture and depth in your garden. Lava Rocks come in a range of black and grays create a stunning texture and unique look. If this is a garden you want to walk through, consider putting down pavers to create a pathway. Edgers can add a finished touch around the garden that give it a polished look.