Meet Kathryn

Kathryn Emery established her career inside The Home Depot, where she guided product storytelling in the public relations department for two decades. Kathryn identified trends and created stories around new products, innovation, seasons, how-to. Prior to Home Depot, Kathryn was a magazine editor and learned early on, what it takes to tell a great story.

Kathryn has reached hundreds of thousands with her regular appearances on morning news stations in Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Diego and more as Home Improvement & Lifestyle Expert. As a media spokesperson for her own brand Be the Best Home she strives to first tell a great story and looks for products to support the story, which in turn inspires viewers to take action, purchase!

Kathryn is followed by top retail executives and the leading home improvement/tool influencers who see her TV segments she posts online, adding value to her TV segments that hit a target audience no one else can capture. With her two decades of relationships, she is a trusted, known, liked personality and has her finger on the pulse of the industry across the board.

TV Spokeswoman

Kathryn appears regularly on morning news shows as Home Improvement & Lifestyle Expert in Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Diego, and more. Additionally, she performs nationwide Satellite Media Tours reaching more than 20 million in markets such as New York, DC, Phoenix, Atlanta, Kansas City, Tampa, and more. Kathryn is able to include your product in her storytelling, based on the season/story. Additionally, she can build a story campaign around your product.

Product Presenter at Events

Kathryn is personable and vibrant, she gets people’s attention and knows how to keep it. She currently represents leading brands presenting products at The Home Depot and Lowes annual meetings. At these events, she presents on stage driving brand/product visibility messaging that has been proven in the annual sales numbers for the year. She knows how to tailor her tone, language, and speak directly to the audience you are trying to capture from the customer to store managers to executives. She is a writer and a communicator by trade and an effervescent personality who lights up when presenting.

Trade Show Representation

Kathryn attends national home & hardware shows, technology events, product launches to stay current with the industry-leading brands, trends, and innovation in the industry. She can represent a brand at a show, and get top-tier press exposure for you, as well as get you noticed in the crowd. She performs in-studio TV spots in the market the show is in and Satellite Media Tours. She is a regular at National Hardware Show (where she presents on stage and acts as New Product Judge), Consumer Electronics Show, Kitchen & Bath Show, Inspired Home Show, National Homebuilders Show, Green Industry Expo, STAFDA and others.

Video Content

Similar to her work on TV, Kathryn can create content for brands to use on social channels and internal training videos to bring a product, its features, benefits to life to ensure click to conversion sales of the item, or education of salespeople.

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